Operation and Maintenance

Your completed solution will need to have a computer environment to exist on. The kind of solution provided will determine whether we offer a shared Hosting solution or provide dedicated hardware.

Operate And Maintain

Dedicated hardware can be provided either in a data centre or installed on your own site. We are also able to assist you with the specification of computer system/s to host the delivered solution on your own site, or we can install/provide installers for you to install on existing hardware.
Once the systems are installed, we are able to guide you through the process ensuring that your systems are secure, backed up ( saved/stored ) and fault tolerant.

Once the solution is installed and up and running, our team of Microsoft Certified Developers are available for any trouble shooting and general support queries regarding the system. We are able to carry out enhancements to the existing solution if required, and provide assistance with future upgrades to the delivered systems.