Back Office

Many businesses already have an existing IT infrastructure in place. 7 Web Solutions can assist you in interfacing with your existing systems so that your products and their availability and pricing data can be imported directly into your Online Store.
Examples of the integration we can provide include:

Back Office
  • Automatic product updates, immediately updating your online catalogue thus presenting your customers with the very latest products and product information.
  • Automatic pricing updates, feeding your Online Store customers with the very latest offers and pricing alterations.
  • Stock availability updates, feed your Online Store with stock figures or more generalised availability information so your customers can see immediately what is in stock or how many are in stock.

7 Web Solutions can provide sophisticated and seamless Back Office integration for any scale of business. We can provide links into your existing sales processing systems and your stock control / warehouse management systems allowing for adjustments to your stock totals and re-ordering schedules based on fluctuations in trade via your Online Store.