Online Catalogue

The On-line Catalogue is the section where customers will spend most of their time when visiting an online store. We allow clients the same level of control over the look and feel of their store as we do with all of our Web Design Solutions.

Online Catalogue
  • Provides access for customers to log into the store.
  • Allows customers to browse and search the product catalogue.
  • Allows customers to view their previous orders.
  • Allows clients to advertise and present offers to customers.
  • Display offers triggered depending on the product being viewed.
  • Display promotions to customers based on previous shopping habits.

Our E-Commerce team are able to provide an online store finely tailored to your specific business's needs. 7 Web Solutions stores have customised work flow that accommodates the configuration of advanced products.

We can provide a wide variety of different methods in which to showcase products to enable fast viewing. More in depth views of individual products can be activated, including video/animation audio product demonstrations and presentations, and hyper links to outside showcases featuring the product or service.

Each new customer can potentially lead to many more new customers. The facility to accommodate Customer Reviews can be implemented, and can prove an extremely affective and free means of advertising for your products and/or services. Nothing instils trust in a new customer quite the same as like minded people endorsing a service or product.