Online Sales Analysis

7 Web Solutions can provide Online Sales Analysis, either purely as categorised data for you to action yourselves, or used by us if employed to manage your Online Marketing Campaigns to spot advertising opportunities and to retrieve exact figures and assess your Return on Investment (ROI). On-line Sales Analysis includes:

Online Sales Analysis
  • Traffic Analysis highlights exactly where your best customers are geographically situated. This can also be very useful data if used in conjunction with alternative off-line marketing or promotion.
  • Online Advertising Campaign Opportunity Reports
  • Sales Conversion Ratios gives you exact figures on how many visitors actually convert into paying customers.
  • Percentage reports linking specific products to specific markets
  • Return on Investment (ROI) statistics for assessing the exact effectiveness of any Cost Per Click (CPC) or any other form of keyword triggered advertising campaigns.

Online Sales Analysis has become an extremely effective form of sales analysis, highlighting almost simultaneously what is most effective in what markets and what is least effective, a feat that traditional sales analysis used to take months, years or even decades to gauge. Perhaps the biggest advantage of all with online sales analysis is when used to target specific audiences via keyword triggered advertising campaigns, or Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising. It is crucial to know how people reached your site and what keywords they used to find you or trigger your advert. It has never been easier to pin point specific markets, age ranges, genders, ethnicity, and then refine and tailor your ads and/or your online store to these people. Perhaps the best news of all is that you only actually spend your advertising revenue when you have audiences actively searching for products that you sell and actually clicking the link that brings them to your online store.