Order Tracking

From the moment a customer has completed their Online Store order, their priority understandably shifts from deciding what they want to buy to the time it takes for their order to arrive at their chosen destination.

Order Tracking
  • Integrate the 7 Web Solutions Store into your existing infastructure.
  • Provide Pick and Pack Information for your customers.
  • Allow customers to view the current stage of their order process.
  • Link your Online Store to your existing parcel couriers so that your customers can contine to track their order once it has left your premises.

Providing your customers with the faciltiy to track their order, and making them aware of this before the point of purchase, is proven to increase trust and subsequently the probability of them making the decision to purchase items from your online store. With the rapid rise of fake online shops and foreign sites acting as localised business, the advantages are huge when your customers are able to view the exact stage of the process that their order is in. That is magnified further when trusted couriers take charge of their order, and specific geographical pick-up points become easily verified.