Website Pricing FAQs

How much money does a website cost?

This depends on a huge number of factors including: what features will be included in your website? How large is the project? Do you want additional services with your website such as marketing or campaign management? Do you need hosting? Do you need the website maintained?
An accurate answer to this question as it is usually posed to us is impossible to answer, but we have tried to give a more accurate price guide in our Pricing section of the website. Monthly rental packages are negotiable, with buy out options after 12 months. This is particularly popular with start up businesses who are not financially ready to afford the cost of the solutions that their particular business needs to stand a chance On Line. This also gives them the comfort of knowing that should the business venture fail, they have not wasted lots of money on something they only used for 12 months. Considering all of the other risks that a new business needs to take financially it is some relief knowing that we too are prepared to risk only getting paid a fraction of the cost of work that we have carried out. Fortunately that has not happened yet and so far so good, but as we too understand the daunting uncertain first year in online business only too well, it is our way of trying to make that time for new businesses, or businesses looking to venture into Online business, a little less stressful. It also guarantees that we want the business to succeed and will assist you in any way we can and stand by you. Many web design businesses focus on what you can afford. However if the solutions that you can afford are not sufficient to make your online business succeed, then it is a total waste of money. This allows the client the opportunity to choose the best possible solutions for the business based on what they actually need rather than what they can afford at the time of start up.

How can I save money on a website?

In each of the FAQ categories at the top and bottom of the page we narrow down specific areas where money can be saved on specific areas of a project. For example, a client who has the design of their website and all of the content including all text and images optimised and ready for web, provided that it is done in an organised and professional way, can cut out a lot of time consuming work thus saving themselves money. Or perhaps the client has a good understanding of HTML and CSS and would like to maintain the website themselves, thus cutting out the expense of a Content Mangement System and future costs of web maintenance. Another area where money can sometimes be saved is by being flexible with deadline. Often a business will pay us more to complete a project quickly, so we even that out by saving money for our more flexible clients.

Is the cost of the website a one off payment or do I need to pay more in future?

Depending on what payment package has been agreed with the client and what other services the client requires, usually the only other costs are an annual hosting fee and your domain name renewal. Typically this can be achieved for under £50 per year.

Will the costs of a website keep going up each year?

The costs of domain renewal and hosting have stayed relatively stable for many years, so in short the costs should stay the same or there abouts. The costs of any maintenance or campaign management or any other on-going service that we provide will similarily remain stable as it too has done for many years. Any future fluctuations in price ( Sometimes services come down in price ) will be announced with plenty of warning prior to change.

How much money does Website Hosting cost?

We can provide hosting for your website, typically for £30 per year, unless the site is either very large or has a lot of rich media content such as streamed video. Immense volumes of traffic can also raise hosting costs, but not significantly.

Why should I pay for a website when there are free websites available?

Many people, millions infact, opt for one of the masses of free or nearly free website templates available. Many abandon these websites shortly afterwards, usually within the first few months, and we have been fortunate to benefit from this trend. For some personal projects and even some small business home pages, a free website template will do all of the things that they need it to do perfectly well. Problems a rise for more complex websites and maintaining and optimising them. Templates are notoriously difficult to fix when problems occur, and problems occur way too often for any serious business to absorb. With 'buggy' plug-ins required to fix old and new problems, and regular downtime and often unfindable content, a free or any kind of 'ready-to-go' template rarely stands up to the tests of time.
Thankfully the majority of people who ask us this question already accept that usually when something is free, it is so for a reason. That does not mean that no 'freebie' is any good, in fact the Web has tested the 'something is free for a reason' line more than anything else and proven that infact there are many good free web services. If you are starting a blog for example, then choosing a good blog template that specialises in just that is usually far better than paying someone to do what you can get for free. Yet rarely are web solutions that straight forward, and we use this example when the question is posed:
If you want to know the word for 'toilet' in Japanese, you are not going to pay a professional to translate this for you, you are likely to use one of the many free translation softwares available to find your answer. If however you need a document translated to any acceptable standard, then there is no free translation software, or any other kind of translation software that is up to the task.
Computers and software has, does and will continue to do incredible things, but for now atleast, humans are thankfully very much still required.