Mobile Web Design

Advances in Mobile Web devices have resolved many of the previous compatibility issues, resulting in most well-constructed websites being viewable without the need for different mobile website versions. However, the vast array of Mobile Devices and the growing market share has lead to more and more versions of websites and applications being specially produced to cater for mobile web device users.

Mobile Web Design
  • Basic readable version for Mobile Web devices, either from an initial build, or by adjusting an existing website
  • Specifically designed Mobile Web version of the website, including scaling and optimising content
  • Multiple Mobile Web versions specifically designed to cater to the growing number of different devices and each of their individual and sometimes unique specifications and capabilities, such as whether they have javascript or flash activated, screen resolution size and even colour depth. The correct version will be automatically loaded depending on which
    device is accessing the website.

Mobile Web is not a fad. It is set to become the predominant way that people connect to the internet. Mobile Web users will accept a readable version of a website. However, if you already have, or will have in the future, a steady contingent of website visitors via mobile web devices then having a website with content that is optimised for these devices can be a big advantage.

We also provide Mobile Web search optimisation which can also prove beneficial for specific mobile website versions.