Multi Media

Multi-Media and the 'Web' have slowly yet surely begun to merge. Our Multi-Media unit has grown and adapted accordingly to accommodate the massive variety of options available with which to present content today.

Multi Media
  • Bespoke graphic design including Logo design and custom graphics for framework and content
  • Photograph editing including enhancing, doctoring, lossless re-sizing multiple image size versions and preparing them for the Web,
    or for download from the Web
  • Flash animations, rich applications, galleries, slide shows, banner adverts, etc.
  • Video Audio Editing and production, linking audio to animation, streaming video or embedding looped video
  • Entire channel networks can be provided so that the business can have dedicated streamed channels for the different sections of the business. This can be integrated into the website or as a standalone, and/or can set up to be viewed across other platforms, such as a business channel on 'You Tube', or affiliate websites that are relevant to your business

Today, almost anything is possible when it comes to the use of rich media content for the Web, but that is not to say that it is always beneficial. Over-use of rich media can slow a site down, or distract, confuse and even annoy users, and make life more difficult than necessary for search engines to crawl and understand your website. In addition to this, even in these times of super-fast internet connection speeds and improved browsers and operating systems, the need to at least consider those who areless fortunate is important, or even imperative if the intended user is situated in certain parts of the world.

Often, less is more. The subtle use of rich media can be very effective in holding a user's attention, allowing for a broader message to be displayed in one place whilst visually pleasing the user.

7 Web Solutions try to adhere to what we believe the user wants, based on our own research and feedback, coupled with our own tastes and expectations. Perhaps with the exception of home page introductions, for example, we believe that rich content works best when the user has full control over its inclusion or not. If the user cannot access the information that is included in the rich content without viewing the rich media content, then that has, in our opinion failed the user. If the rich content gives the user access to all of the information that is included elsewhere, and manages to be helpful and even enhance the user's experience, then it has succeeded.