Website Content Production

Once the website plan has been finalised and the framework is in place, we will start on the content production. Content production covers everything that is included in the website, ranging from standard bullet point text plus accompanying images, through to professionally written content plus accompanying video/animated audio rich content.

Website Content Production
  • Content writing and/or text presentation, including multiple language versions
  • Image sourcing, adjusting, re-sizing and preparing for the web
  • Producing down-loadable content
  • Facilitating searchable content
  • Producing multiple versions of content, language-orientated or different file sizes or methods of displaying content based on a user's location, computer specifications or internet speed, etc.
  • Video, animation and audio content editing and preparing for web
  • Producing content space for administrators and/or the public to produce/provide and upload the content

We can provide punchy 'search engine friendly' text, or more in-depth professionally written text. Alternatively, existing content can be proofread and copy-edited if required. Multiple language versions of a website can also be facilitated, and automatically loaded according to the visitor's personal default computer language, wherever they are located in the world.

We can provide down-loadable content, which applies to anything that the visitor can download from the website, either purchased or free. For example, a PDF document containing a CV, an AutoCAD document containing architectural drawings, or a high quality HD video that is too large to be streamed, to name but a few.

A search facility can be provided, for multiple categories, for all of the website or for different parts.

We also produce content space for either a content managed system or for user-generated content. For example, a website that provides a space for the public to upload text and media content to display something that they wish to sell, e.g., a classic car website.