Competitor Analysis

Unless you are either lucky enough to have found a timeless niche market, or unlucky enough to do something no one else will do, you will benefit from valuable insight into strategies used by competitors online that are successful or not.

Competitor Analysis
  • Identify main competitors
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Where are they channelling their resources?
  • What strategies achieve success?
  • What keywords do people use to find them?
  • What can we offer that they can't?
  • Identify least successful competitors
  • Can we learn from their mistakes?

We do not possess ways of making them talk, or practice anything untoward. We gather information that is publicly available, reliable and legally obtainable. We also closely monitor advertising opportunities of any worth, how they are being explored effectively and by whom. One of the benefits of working alongside expert developers is the luxury of having purpose built software tailored to our exact needs. This enables us to keep updated, supplier and buyer based statistics at our fingertips. Each snippet of information alone is not worth very much. When pieced together it can be priceless. We soon begin to build up a broader understanding of the areas worth investing in, and the areas to avoid.