Online Advertising

Pay Per Click (ppc)

Approached thoughtlessly, ppc advertising is potentially a costly and catastrophic failure. Planned diligently, monitored and improved, Pay per Click advertising is potentially the most effective value for money advertising solution by a country mile. It enables the following:

Pay Per Click (ppc) Advertising
  • Drive immediate traffic to your site
  • Pinpoint queries of intent only
  • Control traffic geographically
  • Control traffic by language
  • Control traffic by their interests
  • Exclude particular traffic
  • Direct traffic to your desired content
  • Analyse and adapt to the market
  • Learn where customers are located
  • Monitor Ad performance in fine detail

We work predominantly with Google's Pay per Click Adwords. Adwords and Adsense have fast become the leading intelligent ppc advertising combination. We do use other forms of ppc advertising, such as Yahoo! Search marketing and online directory Pay per Click or Pay Per Impression schemes, though usually as an accompaniment. Things have, and will change so we constantly monitor progress with in the industry.

Online PPC Advertising Bid

There is no magic wand approach to Pay per Click advertising. It is not difficult to drive lots of extra traffic to your web site. If that is your sole objective, there is no work for a marketing company to do other than to throw money into it and drive lots of people to your website.

Successful Pay per Click marketing is targeting only people who show intent in their search queries. Very successful Pay per Click marketing is only possible when both business and marketing company truly understand the market being entered, and possess as many details as is necessary about the customers they aim to attract. It also involves tailoring your website to these customers wherever possible. The more specific and relevant the website, the better value for money ppc advertising becomes.

We will refuse jobs of any size if the strategy involves vague keyword grabbing anyone and everyone, in order to boost your own websites advertising revenue opportunities for example. We only market genuine business, with realistic targets and sufficient budget.

Adsense + Human Sense

Adword affiliate websites are usually reliable places to feature your adwords. However, being automatically generated by specific keywords triggering the adverts appearance, mishaps and misplacements inevitably occur. Monitoring this closely and choosing the right affiliates equals cost efficient Pay per Click advertising.

Self Sort Affiliate Schemes

Self Sort Affiliate Schemes

Exploring and identifying other advertising opportunities also helps to achieve a successful marketing campaign. For example: Respected portal websites, Industry News websites, when well organised and relevant to your business can be a great place to expand your web presence. There is also sometimes room at least for negotiation. We will seek and broker the best possible deals for your business. Finding the most suitable websites to affiliate with, who operate efficient Pay per Click / Pay per Impression advertising systems, can bring your business speedy and worthwhile results.