Marketing Campaign Management

As well as the management of Advertising and Networking techniques mentioned in Marketing Plan, campaign management can also include:

Marketing Campaign Management
  • Refining Marketing Campaign
  • Campaign Opportunity Reports
  • On-going Competitor Analyses
  • Sales Conversion Ratios
  • Download Tracking
  • Subscriber Statistics
  • Pages Visited Reports
  • Traffic Sources Reports

Sales Conversion Ratios are covered further in the Ecommerce Sales Analysis section

7 Web Solutions can provide complete and flexible campaign management. From implementing and managing individual elements to taking full control of the entire campaign. Taking complete control means acting on behalf of the business, organising and maintaining every aspect of online promotion and data analysis. Managing individual parts of a campaign requires working alongside the business or someone within the business to co-ordinate integration of the overall campaign successfully. This can be either for them to assist us in the running of the campaign in part or full, or to ease them into part, or full, campaign management.