SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Whether or not you decide to opt for a bespoke marketing campaign, we guarantee that the initial Search Engine Optimisation process that comes as standard will be every bit as thorough. This involves:

Search Engine Optimisation
  • Keyword Research
  • Presenting the site in the most speedy and effective manner according to your desired audience locations and internet speeds
  • Making certain that your website is ultra cohesive for both customers and search engines
  • Advice on re-wording page titles, headers, links and adjustments to text to include certain keywords and phrases naturally
  • Sitemap: Clear structured hierarchy for indexes and sub pages directing both users and search crawlers through your content
  • Optimising images, both to load quickly and to be found easily in image searches
  • Registering all facets of your business in the relevant search engine categories - e.g. News, Local Business, Products, Live Feeds, Images, Blogs, and Maps etc.

If you are in a niche market, or either very localised or geographically targeting a relatively small area, we would usually suggest allowing these standard SEO practices a chance to yield the results you hope for.

If you are in a highly competitive online market, or targeting a large geographical area, then no matter how much money you invest in SEO you will certainly require alternative means of attracting visitors, online marketing strategies such as Cost per click advertising ( CPC advertising ) and various link building and networking methods. SEO should be viewed as a long term solution rather than a quick fix to generate extra traffic.